Review: Boreal Crux Climbing Shoes

These orange beauties have been in constant use for the past 6 months and are coming towards the end of their useful life. A mid-range all rounder offering from Boreal, these have been used on the cliffs of Portland, gritstone in the Peaks, Sussex sandstone and a whole load of indoor centres across the land (not to mention the BUCS championships at The Works!).

The FS-Quattro rubber has stood up reasonably well to the level of use although there is no edge to speak of, making the little placements a little tricky. A broad fit all over works well for my toes, but doesn’t hold my heel very well which makes for very sloppy heel-hooks!
The VCR fastening could do with a little more take around the ankle but otherwise keeps the shoe firmly placed, I’ve found a pressure point just on the nail of my big toe whilst wearing the shoes which seems to dig in a little bit making extended periods of wear almost unbearable, have resorted to wearing thin socks to pad it out a bit which seems to do the job.

The rubber rand does come a reasonable way up the foot, but the good mix of leather and mesh makes for adequate venting and breathability so is fine to wear all year round in relative comfort.

Overall a good all rounder shoe for both indoor and out, the edge needs a bit more wear resistance and the heel could do with slimming down a bit. Simple velcro system and decent comfort too.

RRP: ~£80

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